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Arrival services
On-assignment services
Departure services

Look & See Trip
  • Tour of the best residential areas in the city of destination and a visit to a sample property
  • Information and advice on the destination city, residential areas and local lifestyle
  • Information, advice and guided tour of educational institutions in the destination city
  • Information and advice on security, health, businesses and entertainment
  • Visit to a “typical” property in the selected residential areas
  • School visit
Domestic and International Household Goods Moving Coordination
  • Identification of requirements for land, air and sea transportation
  • Detail quotes of moving services
  • Support with all documentation required
  • Coordination of shipping dates
  • Shipment status updates for our clients and their assignees
  • Coordination of delivery dates
House Search
  • Profile questionnaire to evaluate the assignee´s needs
  • Pre-selection of properties that meet the requirements set by the assignee and his/her family members
  • House viewing
  • Negotiation of the lease agreement
  • Inspection of the selected property
  • A written and photographic inventory of the property
  • A photographic inventory of the property
  • Property handover
  • Information and advice on maintenance of the property
  • Information and advice on home service providers
School Search Assistance
  • Information and advice on the school options in the city of destination
  • Information and advice on availability, admissions and fees
  • Coordination of appointments for school visits
  • Visits to schools selected by the assignee
  • Support with the completion of the registration process
Orientation Program
  • Guided tour of residential areas
  • Information and advice on the city of destination, the residential areas and lifestyle
  • Information and advice on school options in the city of destination
  • Information and advice on security, health, businesses and entertainment
Settling-In Assistance
  • Tour of the selected residential area
  • Information and advice on hospitals, businesses, sports clubs and entertainment
  • Information and support to set up home services (Internet, phone line and television services)
  • Information and support to register for a driver´s license
  • Information and support to open a bank account
Furniture Rental Coordination
  • Detail quotes and catalogs of furniture rentals
  • Provision of cost estimates for the furniture selected
  • Coordination of delivery date
  • Coordination of pick-up date
Immigration services
  • Assistance with residency permits application for the assignee and his/her family
  • Help processing residence permits for dependent family members
  • Coordination of apostilles
  • Coordination of legalization procedures
Local Registrations
  • Information and consulting on necessary local documents for each country
  • Registration in the national revenue service
  • Registration in the corresponding Social Security entity
  • Registration in the police department
Cross-cultural Training Coordination
  • Assignees are provided with a list of external service providers
  • Provision of details service quotes
  • Coordination of course dates
Coordination of Language Courses
  • Delivery of the list of people who provide these courses
  • Delivery of cost estimates
  • Coordination of course dates
Residency Permit Renewal
  • Notification of renewal of the temporary residence permit 90 days prior to expiration
  • Information and consulting on the temporary residence permit renewal process
  • Coordination of the temporary residence permits renewal
  • Delivery of the new temporary residence permit
Lease Renewal
  • Notification of lease agreement renewal 60 days prior to expiration
  • Notification to landlord about the of expiration of the lease agreement
  • Addendum transcript
  • Coordination of signatures
Temporary Housing Search
  • Information and advice on temporary housing
  • Help finding temporary housing
  • Coordination and reservation of temporary housing
Departure Service
  • Departure notification to the landlord
  • Review of balances of the services contracted for the property
  • Inspection of the property
  • Advice on repairs
  • Written and photographic inventory
  • Photographic inventory
  • Lease termination agreement
  • Support during the handover of the property to the landlord
  • Follow-up on the return of the security deposit

We customize all of our services to meet each of our customer’s needs and expectations. We also design and develop new services if required.

Customer Care

Our services are client-centered and our commitment is focused in offering personalized support to each and every single assigned executive. Our mobility solutions include:

  • Constant, efficient and timely communication with our clients and their assignees during the entire relocation process
  • Support and advice from qualified, service-oriented, bilingual personnel
  • Weekly reports to keep our clients up-to-date with each relocation process
  • Service finalization report once the contracted services have concluded
  • Evaluations for our Account Managers and consultants at the end of each service
  • Evaluations on our consultants once the services have been finalized
  • Bi-monthly meetings with our clients to evaluate levels of satisfaction and to identify areas of improvement
  • Customization of our services to the policies and needs of our clients
  • Clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all our services