Renting a Property in Mexico
Education in Mexico
Local registrations and other procedures

    Which papers do I need in order to work in Mexico?

    You must have a residency permit with authorization to work.

    Which papers do members of my family need in order to live in Mexico?

    Family members must register as dependents with their own residency permit. This permit does not allow them to work in Mexico.

    Can my spouse/partner work in Mexico?

    To get a work permit, a spouse / partner must have a job offer in the country and an employer willing to support his / her work permit application.

    Is a Residency Permit necessary in order to rent a property?

    Yes, the property owner will usually ask for a copy of the residency permit to prove legal immigration status in the country. Likewise, it is very important to bear in mind that without a residency permit your company will not be able to add you into the payroll. Therefore, your employer will not be able to reimburse you for rent payments and the security deposit.

    Is a warrantor or payment of surety necessary in order to rent a property?

    The property owner generally requires some type of warrantee. The options are:

    • The company as guarantor
    • Acquisition of an insurance policy
    • A family member or acquaintance who owns a property in Mexico as warrantor

    What is the real estate market in Mexico like?

    The real estate market in Mexico is not regulated. You will not be able to find an official list of available properties with a pre-established price range.
    Therefore, any homeowner can advertise their property employing any means they want and set whichever price range they believe is fair. Property owners commonly promote their properties with several real estate agents and they may promote the property at different rental prices. It is also important to note that real estate agents do not require to be certified.

    Should I use the Internet to look for a property?

    The Internet can be a useful tool for getting more information on properties and their price ranges in Mexico. If you find a property on the internet, you can ask your Mestre Relocation consultant to visit and evaluate the property to see if it meets your requirements. Do note that it is common to find properties in the internet that are no longer available as well as potential “hooks” from real estate brokers to actually show non-listed properties.

    What is the difference between Mestre Relocation consultants and real-estate brokers?

    Your company will hire Mestre Relocation to provide help and support to find a property that meets your requirements. The job of our Relocation Consultants is to look after both your interests and those of your company. Our consultants do not get a commission for renting properties and do not have a vested economic interest in the property you choose. Actually, our Relocation Consultants work with a number of real-estate agents to guarantee that you choose from a variety of properties. On the other hand, real estate agents will only show the properties they will secure a commission from. Therefore, the range of properties that you can choose from is limited.

    Are there any commissions that must be paid when choosing a property? If so, who pays for it?

    Yes, real estate agents usually charge a commission for renting the property, which is the equivalent of one month´s rent. The only person responsible for this payment is the owner of the property.

    Which styles of properties are available for rent in Mexico?

    Mexico has a wide variety of properties and styles. You can find apartments with 24-hour security and amenities, freestanding homes with or without security, and private compounds with security and controlled access. The type of property can vary depending on the residential area, but in general, you can find a wide variety of styles ranging from colonial to modern.

    How many bedrooms do properties in Mexico have?

    Properties in Mexico usually have 3 bedrooms, plus a room for domestic workers. Finding properties with more than 3 bedrooms is a challenging task that generally does not depend on the rent budget. If a property with more than 3 bedrooms is needed, the assignee will have to understand that the amount of options will be much smaller.

    Do the properties have heating and/or air conditioning?

    This depends on the city and its climate. In Mexico City, for example, which has a mild climate, properties usually do not have heating or air conditioning.

    Can I rent a furnished property?

    This depends on the city you will be transferred to. In Mexico City, for example, you will find both furnished and unfurnished properties. However, in smaller cities, furnished properties are very hard to come by.

    Can I rent a property if I have pets?

    Yes, although you must know that some property owners will not be willing to rent their property to people who have pets. Actually, some buildings do not allow pets at all. Therefore, it is very important to mention the type of pet that you have from the very beginning of the house search process.

    Is the rent negotiable?

    The rent can usually be negotiated by 5% and 10%. It is important to remember that this depends on the property owner´s willingness to do so.

    What is included in the rent?

    The rent usually only includes the rental of the property. In some cases, you can negotiate the inclusion of maintenance fees (cleaning of common areas, security, etc.). It is very important to ask about all possible additional payments that the property may carry before signing the lease agreement.

    Can services such as water, electricity, natural gas, telephone line and internet be included in the rent?

    No, this is not a common practice. However, it may be possible to negotiate the inclusion of some of these services in very rare occasions. It is also important to note that this will very likely increase your rent and/or that these additions are commonly not allowed by employers.

    Do properties include appliances?

    If an unfurnished property is rented, it generally does not include appliances. It is sometimes possible to negotiate that the property owner includes additional amenities (ex. refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer).

    Can I take my appliances to Mexico?

    We do not recommend this. Voltage varies in different countries and it is highly probable that they will not work properly.

    May I ask for repairs or modifications on the property before I move in?

    Yes, as long as they are not major modifications. Property owners usually agree to cover costs for painting, changing locks and installing curtains or blinds. This must be negotiated beforehand and established in writing

    Is there any type of document that I have to ask the property owner for to guarantee that the property complies with the requirements for being rented?

    Yes! Among the required documents, you must look for: the property owner´s identification, a deed, written proof of not owing any payments on the property (property taxes or maintenance fees, water, natural gas, electricity or any other type of service previously contracted by the property owner), proof that the services will still be active during the period of the lease.
    Important: Mestre Relocation advices you against rental from a property owner that is not able to provide with every single document mentioned above.

    Do I have to pay a security deposit?

    Yes. Property owners require a security deposit equivalent to one month´s rent for unfurnished properties and to two month´s rent for furnished properties.

    What are the initial payments for renting a property?

    Payment of the first month´s rent and security deposit.

    May I ask for a formal invoice for rent payments?

    Due to the informality of the Mexican real estate market most property owners do not provide invoices for rent payments.

    Do I have to make any type of payments to “hold” a property once I have found one that adapts to my needs?

    Some real estate agents ask for down payments to “reserve” the properties and stop showing them to other people. However, Mestre Relocation recommends that you do not make any type of payment if the agreement has not been signed by all the parties involved: property owner, tenant and guarantor. It is very important not to give in into pressures made by any real estate agent.

    What do I need in order to move into a property?

    To be able to move into a property we strongly recommend that the lease agreement is signed by all the parties involved and that the first month´s rent and the security deposit are already paid.

    May I move furniture and other belongings into the property before the commencement of the lease and/or the payment of the first month´s rent and security deposit?

    For your own safety, and that of your belongings, we recommend against this until the lease agreement is signed by all the parties involved and the payments of the first month´s rent and the security deposit have been made.

    What is the standard length of lease agreement in Mexico?

    Leasing agreements have a minimum term of one year. Additional annual renewals are usually stipulated in the lease agreement.

    May I rent a property for less than one year?

    It is highly unlikely that property owners will accept a lease period of less than one year. If you plan to stay for a shorter period, your best alternative is some type of temporary housing (suite rental, hotel or short-stay furnished apartments).

    Will my rent be raised if I renew my lease?

    Yes, normally the rent will be raised every year according to the rate of inflation of the currency in which the lease agreement was signed.

    Are leased properties insured against accidents?

    No, the property owner or the tenant will have to acquire an insurance policy against accidents if they want to. However, this is not compulsory.

    Who is responsible for repairs during my stay in a rented property?

    The property owner is responsible for major or structural repairs to the property, if and when the damages were not caused by the tenant. Likewise, the tenant is responsible for any minor repairs and general maintenance of the property during his/her stay.

    General Recommendations

    Get to know your company´s mobility policies: rent budgets, forms of payment and restrictions.

    Commuting times between home, schools and office must be taken into consideration. Depending on the city you transfer to traffic can be unpredictable. Therefore, we recommend that you live in a central area.

    What services and utilities are generally included with the property?

    The services that are usually already included with the properties are electricity, natural gas and water. These services will already be contracted by the property owner.

    Who is responsible for contracting the telephone line, internet and paid T.V services?

    Although some owners already have these services in their property, the person responsible for contracting them is usually the tenant.

    Who is responsible for the payment of these services?

    The tenant is responsible for paying the bill of the following services: electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, internet, cable television, etc. Payments are usually each month or every second month. Some services can be paid through the internet, in banks or some stores. However, this varies based on the region and the service provider.
    Important: The tenant must keep and file all payment receipts. In Mexico, the property owner will require them at the end of the lease in order to balance any owing amount and/or to prove that the payments were done.

    Which telephone line and internet service providers exist in Mexico?

    The main telephone line and internet providers are:

    Which paid T.V service providers exist in Mexico?

    The main paid T.V service providers are:

    Which cellphone service providers exist in Mexico?

    The main cellphone service providers are:

    Where can I purchase appliances?

    There are several retail stores that sell top-of-the-line appliances. Prices may vary, especially in luxury stores like El Palacio de Hierro or Liverpool where prices will usually be higher.

    Which types of schools exist in Mexico?

    Mexico has a wide variety of internationally recognized schools at all levels. There are different types of schools with both lay and religious education:

    • Local bilingual
    • Local bilingual with international accreditation (IB Program)
    • International (IB Program)

    When does the school year start in Mexico?

    The school year starts in August and ends in July.

    When should I start the school search process?

    You should start as soon as possible. It is very important to start the school search process from the moment when the decision to come to Mexico is made. Interviews with admissions personnel must be scheduled well in advanced and entrance exams must be taken in most cases.

    Are there a limited number of spaces available in schools?

    Yes, the demand for local and international schools in Mexico is very high. Therefore, spaces for new students often run short. For this reason we advise that you consider at least three schools.

    Are there schools where English is the only language spoken?

    Most commonly, classes are given 50% in English and 50% in Spanish. However, there are some schools that offer a higher percentage of English in their curricula.

    What are the admissions requirements in schools?

    The following documents are usually required:

    • Academic history since the first grade of school that the student completed
    • Student´s birth certificate
    • Student´s residency permit
    • You must also check whether there are additional requirements for each school such as translations, apostilles or legalized documents, letters of recommendation, etc.

    Are entrance exams usually required?

    Yes, most schools require entrance exams.

    What are the admissions criteria of schools in Mexico?

    Just like in other countries, admissions in schools are mainly based on the following:

    • Availability of space
    • Student´s academic performance
    • Interview with parents
    • Results of the admissions exam
    • Student´s English level
    • It is very important to note that the decision to admit a student depends entirely on the school and that neither your company, nor Mestre Relocation, can intervene in this decision.

    Which are the payments that I will have to make?

    • Registration fee (single payment)
    • Inscription fee (annual or bi-annual payment)
    • Monthly school fees

    Do schools provide transportation services to and from their facilities?

    Yes. Most schools have transportations services. In some cases, for security and logistical reasons, this is mandatory. It is important to consider that the cost for school transport is usually not included in monthly school fees.

    General Recommendations:

    • Get to know your company´s policies on benefits: budgets for school fees, forms of payment and restrictions.
    • Parents are responsible of filling in and submitting all application forms to the schools.
    • Parents must follow up on their children´s admissions process. Schools in Mexico see a great value in proactive parents who show interest and follow up in a timely manner on their children´s applications.

    What local institutions must I enroll in?

    • The Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social (IMSS)
    • Revenue Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) – This institute administers taxation in Mexico.

    How can I get a driver´s license?

    The requirements are as follows:

    • Valid residency permit
    • Valid Passport
    • Proof of residential address in the city where you will request the driver´s license (Ex. electric or telephone bill)
    • Payment of application fees
    • Some cities may require a driving test

    How and where can I open a bank account?

    Opening a bank account is a quick and easy process. The following are generally the necessary requirements:

    • Valid passport
    • Valid residency permit
    • PProof of residential address in the city where you will request the driver´s license (Ex. electric or telephone bill)

    The main Banks in Mexico are:

    Which numbers can I call in case of an emergency?

    • Emergencies – 080
    • Ambulance - 065
    • Police - 066
    • Firefighters – 068
    • Anonymous Report – 089
    • Important note: On occasions, your employer will provide you with an emergency contact number. Verify with your Human Resources department if this is available for you.